Sole Serum

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Hello everyone! Ok, I love collecting and wearing high heels as I truly believe they do make us look better in every outfit!  But we all know wearing high heels also comes with unbearable pain especially if you had to stand or walk on your feet so long. This problem has been resolved when I discovered Sole Serum – the Pain Killer for Killer Heels!  This AMAZING product which is made of nongreasy lavender oil, tea tree oil and peppermint oil helps me wearing the highest heels without pain and is a true life saver.  I rub a little Sole Serum on before I get into my fancy heels so I can walk in confidence and with no pain for hours.  One application seems to last about four hours from my experience of using Sole Serum during past couple of weeks. Wish I had known it sooner!

I also love the Sole Serum bottle is small enough to be carried in your smallest clutch.  They also sell “Bridal Pack” which comes in 4 small bottles – this could be perfect for all the beautiful brides who can finally wear the high heels and dance all night long without pain at wedding night.

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Plum Pretty Sugar

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Happy Friday loves! When I was contacted by Plum Pretty Sugar, I immediately got on their site which by the way was beautifully designed and browsed every single piece they have. I adore the beautiful colors, unique prints and feminine details of their collection for the fashion apparel, bridal and maternity. This stunning off the shoulder dress which is made of soft and crisp cotton became one of my favorites instantly – I mean the combo of “flirty and flattering off the shoulder” and “my forever obsession of floral print”, what else could I ask for, right? 🙂

Ladies, if you are brides to be, you definitely should check out Plum Pretty Sugar’s bridal collection. The robes made in cotton and silk for both brides and bridesmaids are just beyond gorgeous!  I picked some beautiful pieces below and sure hope you love them!

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Dress (here), Shoes (options here and here), Bag (option here), Watch (here), Bracelet (here)

Wish everyone a great weekend!



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Charming Charlie Finds

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Hello everyone! I’ve had opportunity working with Charming Charlie recently and am so excited to share some of great Charming Charlie finds here with you all.  Hope you like them as much as I do!

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Dress (here), Shoes (here), Bag (here)

Thanks for stopping by. Wish everyone a great week!


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Chicwish Set

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Hello everyone!  Have you noticed the popular 80’s trend crop top is back?  You see it under the overalls or pairing with distressed jeans.  But my favorite way to style the crop top is to pair it with a high waisted midi skirt so that’s why I picked this beautiful check and chic set from Chicwish!  Adding a denim jacket or blazer over this cropped top and skirt set would make it a perfect office look or just wearing the set alone for any other occasion.  I mean also how chic this blush pink and cream buffalo plaid print is, right?

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Cropped Top and Skirt Set (here), Shoes (here), Bag (Option here), Watch (here), Bracelet (here), Ring (here)


My Chicwish Picks

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Mindy Mae’s Market

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Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe summer is just days away from us? You know I am such a sucker for floral print but this summer I want to explore variety of patterns like stripes. This Bib Stripe Dress from Mindy Mae’s Market totally fits the bill. While I love classic navy and white or black and white stripes, the mix of horizontal and vertical stripes is very unique and totally makes this dress standout. Oh did I also mention this dress was made of super soft cotton and linen blend which is perfect for warm summer days? Check out Mindy Mae’s Market as they are stocked with plenty of cute summer pieces. Happy shopping and stay beautiful, inside and out… ladies!

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Dress (here),  Shoes (here), Tote (here), Belt (old, option here)

Have a great weekend!



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Agooa Culture Jewelry

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Hello everyone!  I’ve had pleasure working with a high-end jewelry designer AGOOA recently.  I must say I was so impressed with their timeless, edgy and sophiscated jewelry collections.

When you buy AGOOA jewelry, you are not only getting beautiful, high-quality pieces. You are also contributing in a meaningful way to making the world a safer, healthier and more humane place to live, work and share the beauties of nature. We call this “Fashion with Purpose”!

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A portion of their profits goes to support the environment, under-resourced communities and preservation of African elephants. They are also the proud member of 1% for the Planet.

For the limited time, you can use code “AGOOA22” for 20% off towards your purchases.

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AGOOA Jewelry Worn here – Wave of Possibility Bracelet (here), Unconditional Love Necklace (here), Sunrise Sunset Ring (here)

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Creative Styling for Wrap Dress

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Hello everyone! When I was gifted this beautiful floral wrap dress from Shein, I decided to be a little more creative and style it as a duster. Don’t we all want to get more with less and have multiple use clothes in our closet, right?

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Dress (here), Tank top (option here), Jeans (here), Open Toe Booties (here, on sale), Bag (option here), Watch (here, on sale), Bracelet (here, on sale)

Thanks for reading as always!


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